Forming Services

Ramsay Welding & Fabrication has been providing quality forming services for over 45 years. In addition to standard Press Brake forming, we are highly skilled in “bump rolling” such that die marks are practically non-existent. This technique allows us to form unusual shapes that cannot be done with standard roll equipment.

We utilize several high performance press brakes for forming metal to customer specifications.

We can bend sheet metal of Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum and other alloys in gauges from 22 Ga. Up to 3/8” plate to 13 feet long with our 330 Ton CNC LVD Press Brake. Smaller pieces are formed on a DiAcro 35 Ton x 6 foot long Press Brake.

Our 600 Ton Chicago Press Brake can form from 3/16” to 1 ½” plate up to 14 foot long dependent on material thickness.

Forming of #4 Polished Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers is a common application and one that is done regularly at Ramsay Welding.

Dimensional bending tolerances are strictly held at Ramsay Welding and Fabrication, Inc.

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  • Over 45 years of experience
  • The Best Quality and Service In The Business
  • Extensive Equipment Capabilities
  • Wide Range Of Expertise In Metal Forming, Machining, Fabrication, and Welding